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About us

Kreps GmbH & Co KG is a reliable partner to many worldwide located organizations. Our mission is facilitating the procurement of our customers around the globe as a single source supplier.

Established in 1996 Kreps has built up an extensive list of references such as Ministries, Police-organizations, State-organizations, International Organizations, NGOs as well as private enterprises.

We permanently improve our operations and services. Today our wide partner network of manufactures and distributors allows us to offer a wide variety of products. We are working closely together with local partners as well as international companies. This allows us to offer high flexibility as well as sophisticated knowhow from our local partners on a short notice and for complex projects. Our international partners allow us to provide goods and services on large scale projects in an international environment. This to support the procurement-endeavor and make international purchase easy.

Our motivated and experienced team is dedicated to understanding the needs and requirements of our customers and is working hard to meet all expectations.

Tell us your requirements and we will provide a tailor-made solution, including delivery. We are happy to supply and support you wherever you are.


We focus on understanding our customers needs and identifying the appropiate products, services and support. In combination with the logistics o get the supply when and wherever it is needed -worldwide- makes Kreps GmbH & Co KG your partner of choice in global procurement.

We, at Kreps Company, support our customers as single-source – supplier in procurement and acquisition of a goods and services. Our range of goods and services rely on a wide network of local and international manufacturers and distributors. This enables us to offer a solution for almost anything to be delivered anywhere.


We create the world we are living in.

We, as individuals and as part of the Kreps GmbH & Co KG team, feel part of a global and local society as well as part of the environment. By knowing this we strive, as individuals as well as part of the Kreps Team, to leave a positive impact to our descendants. The family owned Kreps GmbH seeks to minimize the environmental impact and to maximize the positive social impact.

Achieve Greatness with respect and dignity.

Respect for all people regardless of their nationality, political opinion, race, religion and gender, as well as the respectful  treatment of our environment are the cornerstones of everything we do. The social interactions within Kreps GmbH & Co KG as well as with all our business contacts are based on mutual respect.

Our way to a brighter future!

Commitment to Sustainability

The German word Sustainability originates from the forestry of the 18th century, in the sense of a long-lasting and responsible consume of natural resources. The way we at Kreps, understand sustainability integrates this former definition as one pillar out of two. In our understanding Sustainability is based on two pillars, firstly the prior mentioned ecological sustainability, secondly the social sustainability. 

Read more about our commitment here.

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